Litigation & Alternative Disputes Resolutions

Litigation-img-mainThe law firm has the capabilities and experience that qualifying us to represent clients for collecting and pursuing the debts owed to our clients whether they are businesses, institutions or private individuals.

As rapidly evolving “Debt Collection” expertise, we are able to provide expert financial advices and services to a wide client base :

  • Trading firms
  • Construction firms
  • —Manufacturing units
  • Special property right firms
  • Private individuals

Each functional area of Al Mubasheri – Legal consultants in Dubai, is handled by professionals who are experts in their respective fields. As such, our operations are broadly classified into specialized divisions that include :

  • Tele-Collection
  • Local Tracing / Repossession
  • —Skip Tracing / Repossession
  • Legal Special Handling
  • Soft Collection
  • Hardcore Collection
  • Write-off Collection
  • Field Collection
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