Labor & Employment

labour-img-mainRecently, the direction under the Emirati Labor Law is increasing the private sector involvement and meantime to achieving a balance between employee's and employer's rights. Amongst the most significant matter that labor legislations addresses is the right of an employer to dismiss an employee and the conditions pertaining to this as well as granting employees the right to carry out a peaceful strike according to controls and procedures prescribed in the labor law. The concept of development process of laws and regulations ruling the labor market in the country is expressly shown within the articles and clauses of enforce starting from the formation of the employment relationship, singular or collective, passing its subsequent obligations and rights to the both employer and employee and their responsibility to any breach, and finally the means of disputes resolution to solve the disputes resulting from the employment contract and the guarantees of indemnification of damages. For this purpose Al Mubasheri, along the way, is eager to retain attorneys and legal consultant with a wide experience and high capabilities in the field of Labor and Employment relationships. We divide our efforts regarding to :



It's widely known that the superior party in the employment relationship is the employer, but these words are not completely true, as the misunderstanding and wrong implementation of the legal rules governing the employment relationship may result many of liabilities and responsibilities upon the employer. Our rule in Al Mubasheri – law firm, is emerging in advising the employer on the drafting and negotiation of the employment contract passing from drafting the internal terms and regulation of the corporation to advising employer on issues relating to organizing labor including workers unions and naturally defending employers against all claims.


In spite of all the guarantees stipulated by law to protect the employee from any abusive procedures that the employer may take against the employee's rights, but the best using of these guarantees stipulated by law need an expert lawyer in labor law knowing how to use these terms in the best and fast ways to reach the full benefit to employee. Therefore, Al Mubasheri maintaining on the existence of high expertise lawyers in labor law.

Labor Disputes Resolution

There are many ways in labor disputes resolution; some of them may take years whereas other may take months or other may take a few days to settle, so we are following a specified mechanism and methods in the labor disputes resolution whatever in litigation, arbitration, dispute resolution committee or by settling arrangements in order to get our clients rights in short time.

Immigration and Foreign Affairs

It is well known that the rules and regulations that govern the immigration and related issues are often the case subject to amendments as it is influenced by the relation between countries. The firm appoints expert attorneys, counsels, and agents to handle all legal services related to immigration law and regulations including the advice and legalizing the legal positions for foreign residents, handling the issuance process of all kind of visas e.g. enter, exit, business, mission, and resident visas.

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